Create a custom export configuration

glTF Batch Exporter comes with a handful of predefined export configurations for different texture resolutions. If you want to export other types of assets, a custom preset may be useful!

What can be exported?

The following types of assets can be exported to glTF:

  • Materials

  • Static Meshes

  • Skeletal Meshes

  • Animation Sequences

  • Level Sequences

  • Level Variant Sets

Levels should be exported using the built-in export. You can use the plugin to then re-export the assets used in the level with the "Use Asset Texture Resolution" feature enabled to get a more optimized version.

Creating a custom preset

To create a custom preset, right click in the content drawer and select 'Blueprint Class'.

In the dialogue box that opens, click the "All classes" button to expand the selection of available classes and look for BlueprintGLTFExportOptions. Select it and press the button.

Now give your options preset a name. It is recommended to prefix it with "BP_", so in this example we will name the asset "BP_MyExportOption".

Double click on the new asset and you will see the preset options that you can change.

If you cannot see this tab, go to the 'Window' at the top of the Unreal Engine Editor and select 'Details'.

To learn more about the options that can be changed, please refer to the Export Options Reference.

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