Importing Unreal Engine Meshes to Blender

The exported glTF assets can be used to bring them into Blender, using Blenders glTF Import Plugin and it's functionality to automatically create PBR-based materials for the imported meshes.

This use case assumes you have already exported assets using the getting started guide and are using the latest version of Blender.

Enabling the glTF Plugin in Blender

By default, the glTF plugin is not enabled in Blender, so we have to enable it. To do so, start Blender, and go to "Edit" -> "Preferences".

In there, select "Add-ons" on the left-hand side and type in "glTF" in the top-right search box. It should come up with one result "Import-Export: glTF 2.0 format".

Click the checkbox next to the name to enable the plugin.

Importing glTF assets

Once the plugin is enabled, we can import our glTF assets! For that, go to "File" -> "Import" -> "glTF 2.0".

A file dialog opens, in there shift-select the assets you would like to import.

Congratulations! You have now successfully imported your assets into blender. Make sure to move the imported assets around a bit so it's easier to see them all at once.

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