On this page we will describe and explain the Light example that ships with Animate. The light example demonstrates how you can use Animate to animate values beyond just Actor Transforms and use interpreters for any type of animation / pattern you like.

You can find the blueprint at Blueprints/Examples/Light/BP_AnimateLight in the plugin content folder. Double-click it to open it.

You can create a child blueprint of this class to quickly create a new actor with the same logic.


The blueprints consists of the light we want to control, and a pair of Value Source + Value Interpreter.


In the variables section you can find the curve vector and curve configuration used in this example.

Construction Script

The Construction Script does three things here.

We configure the Value Source Data, connect a reference to our Value Source and set the target to which light it should modify.

Value Interpreter

When OnValueUpdated is called, the interpreter assigns the X,Y & Z axis of the curve to different properties of the light source. In this case X for Brightness and Y for Temperature.

The target actor is optional in interpreter components. If you'd like to update an array of actors or implement any custom behaviour you're free to do so!

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